After clicking on the payment button, the customer either receives a blank page or a message from their Internet Explorer browser that:

Navigation to the webpage was cancelled

Some customers then retry purchasing the item numerous times and still receive the same message.


The issue appears to occur for Internet Explorer users only and is a well-documented issue on Microsoft’s website.

What happens is that upon clicking on the payment button, the customer's payment details are sent from the merchant's server to our server for processing. Once the processing is complete the user's payment details are redirected from one “security zone” (our servers) to the merchant's servers (for card authorization result ie: confirmation of a successful purchase or not). It is then that Internet Explorer cancels the navigation due to security concerns. The security concern arises when the user is redirected from a secured “https” site (our server) to an unsecured “http” site (merchant server).

If you look at the transaction log for a transaction and the response from the BIP we see that the final redirect URL (to the payment confirmation page) is in fact a “http” URL while both the BIP and the other URLs in the code are “https” which may be causing Internet Explorer to cancel the navigation.

Note here that the transaction is actually processed correctly and the result is stored in the back-end correctly however the user is not redirected to the confirmation page.


Instructions for developer:

Update the “process.php” file to redirect users from one "https" site to another:

Note: Above we have replaced the “http” with “https”

This should solve the issue.