If your customer entered payment details into the WPF and clicked on the "SUBMIT" or similar button, but an error message saying the following occurred:

Dear Customer

Your payment transaction has been processed. 

However, due to technical issues, the outcome of the payment transaction cannot be displayed.

If you do not receive any confirmation emails, you may want to contact us (that being you the merchant) just to make sure and verify the final status of your payment.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience



  • The user session starts once the WPF has been called on the merchant’s site. The user must then enter his / her account details in the WPF and press submit or similar before the timeout period (45 mins).
  • If the user enters the data and presses submit after the timeout period then it will return the error with return code 900.300.600 ["USER SESSION HAS TIMED OUT"]


1. Ensure that you are capturing all Status, Reason and Return codes in your back-end even for failed transactions to help us identify the real reason for the failure of the transaction.

2. Create a timer on your checkout page with the timeout period to drive a sense of urgency with the user to complete the transaction.

3. Refresh the WPF (I.e. call the WPF again) just prior to the timeout period expiry.