If your online store offers products or services on a subscription basis with WooSubscriptions, you've probably wondered what happens when your customer, or you as the admin, cancels an order. Do the subsequent recurring payments still get processed, when the order is cancelled?

if an order is cancelled, then the recurring payments will not be billed for, on Peach Payments. The customer can cancel an order by logging into their "My Account" WooCommerce page on your website, or you as the administrator can cancel the order from the Wordpress backend.

The parent order is the initial order created, when the customer purchases the subscription on your site.

After that, a new renewal order that is linked to the parent order is created monthly,weekly,daily etc. If the subscription is cancelled, no further renewal orders will be processed.

A subscription can also be put on hold or suspended, rather than cancelled. This will also put billing on hold and therefore, creation of new renewal orders on hold.