Peach payments offers PayPal integration on our systems. However there is one restriction with PayPal and a single currency shopping cart, that makes it difficult to process payments in ZAR and also have PayPal as a payment option.

Below are the challenges with accepting PayPal in South Africa :

- Shopping carts typically allow only one primary currency

- ZAR is required as currency for card payments, on local currency merchant accounts.

- Paypal does not allow ZAR as primary currency

As such, should you want to offer PayPal as a payment option, you would require for your store to be set in another currency that PayPal supports. This means that your local South African customers would also need to transact in that non-ZAR currency. 

Here is some information on foreign currency merchant accounts:

NOTE : IF your shopping cart allows more than one currency (dynamic currency at checkout) or you are building a custom solution where you can dynamically select the currency and brand (PayPal / VISA / MASTERCARD, etc) to POST in the server request , then this restriction described above, does not apply.

Other considerations with PayPal in South Africa :

  1. PayPal fees for South African processing: With PayPal you would potentially pay 3.9% + USD 0.45 for processing
  2. Fund withdrawal costs another 1.5% paid to FNB
  3. You may only hold funds in a PayPal wallet for not longer than 30 days, after which you would need to withdraw the funds into your South African bank account

 Here is the PayPal technical documentation - select PayPal from the brand list to view the sample code

More information on PayPal and FNB