Magento store owners can install the Peach Payments plugin and begin receiving payments.

Follow the steps below to get started.

1) Sandbox access - We will set you up with a sandbox (you can request this at, that gives you access to our portal at


2) API Credentials - In the console you can find your credentials under:

Checkout > your Magento Checkout Account > Live Configuration

You will need these in step 8.

3) Whitelist your domain - Click on the tab Domains and white-list your Magento domain (without https://) 


4) Add your webhook - Click on the tab Webhook and add a webhook in the form of: https://{MAGENTO_BASE_URL}/pp-hosted/secure/webhook


5) Install the PluginInstall Peach Payments Magento Plugin  


6) Login to your Magento admin 


7) Open the Plugin - On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration > Sales (Payment methods) > Peach Payments Hosted All-in-One


8)  Configure your Plugin - Enter your API Credentials from the Portal (See step two)  Besides you can add the payment methods that you want to show on your payments page.


9) Save your configuration - Click on "Save Config" - Now you should see Peach Payments as a payment option at your Checkout